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  • Journey Education Marketing Inc
    Offers academic software discounts for students, teachers, faculty and schools.
    Date:2008-09-24, Google PR:7
  • Acquia.com
    Software company provides value-added software products and services for the social publishing system.
    Date:2008-10-25, Google PR:6
  • JP Software
    Provides Windows console command line tools and batch scripting solutions for real-time backup and archiving.
    Date:2008-05-19, Google PR:6
  • EffectMatrix Ltd
    Offers solutions for video conversion, makeing morph video special effect and converting Flash SWF to AVI.
    Date:2008-12-17, Google PR:5
  • Lost Password - Reset Password
    Windows Key creates a password reset that works during the boot process and instantly resets account passwords and Windows security settings that prevent you from logging in.
    Date:2010-04-29, Google PR:5
  • Surf Canyon
    Browser extension personalizes search engine results as one searches.
    Date:2008-09-12, Google PR:5
  • Data Quality Apps - Dedupe Software
    Provides a collection of tools to help businesses improve the quality of their databases. The central components are a series of functions which help to find duplicate records.
    Date:2010-05-20, Google PR:4
  • DRPU Software Pvt Ltd
    Automated barcode image generator labeling software for building bar code images in jpg, jpeg and gif formats.
    Date:2009-04-29, Google PR:4
  • eCost Software
    Online software distributor offering a wide range of software like Adobe, Microsoft, Antivirus, Office 2007, Accounting and many more at competitive prices.
    Date:2010-04-29, Google PR:4
  • GSA Software Development
    Provides professional software development in a wide range of specializations including, specifically, in the bioinformatical and statistical fields.
    Date:2008-04-22, Google PR:4
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